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Should You Service Your Own Car?

should you service your car

You should get your car serviced every 10,000 km or 6 months. Regular servicing helps maintain your car’s performance and longevity, preventing potential issues and ensuring safety on the road.

Taking care of your Car Yourself has Many Advantages

You can reduce the cost and frequency of car maintenance by doing certain simple things at home. Keeping your car in good shape can reduce the cost of services and how often it needs to be serviced.

You may also reduce the chances of your vehicle breaking down unexpectedly by performing regular checks on its functioning.

In addition, learning new skills through cars can be a great way to learn something new if cars are one of your hobbies or passions.

Think about taking a short course in servicing cars or seeking out professional advice if you’re interested in fixing cars.

A licensed mechanic’s expert opinion should never be discarded in favor of hobbies, money, or time while building up such skills.

There can also be a significant impact on a vehicle’s resale value when certain parts of it are altered, which can create safety hazards for the driver and those around.

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Maintenance of a Car by Yourself can be Dangerous

While self-maintenance has its advantages, it also comes with potential downsides that could harm your physical and financial health.

It is possible to make a mistake that causes your next mechanical bill to be much higher than it would have been otherwise.

A beginner may find certain repairs and maintenance time-consuming if they do not have the appropriate tools and equipment to do them.

As a first-time driver, it may be more beneficial to have your car serviced by a mechanic than to try to repair it yourself.

It is also possible to cause problems with insurance, legal issues, and warranty issues if you service your car yourself.

Choosing not to go through licensed specialists can potentially void your warranty or insurance claim if you do not have the expertise and knowledge required for modern cars.

Know your insurance or warranty conditions thoroughly before making any repairs to your car.

Maintaining your car yourself 

Although more complicated maintenance tasks should be handled by professionals, you can reduce the cost of your next mechanic visit by taking advantage of a few tips.

It should be noted, however, that if you are unsure of how to complete these tasks, you could end up doing more harm than good to your car and yourself.

When you need professional assistance, do your research, understand your capabilities, and ask for it.

You can Perform the following basic Car Maintenance Checks at Home: 

Filter replacement

Keeping your engine clean with an air filter helps reduce wear and tear. However, due to the nature of air filters, they eventually clog up.

If too much build-up occurs, it can reduce combustion efficiency, reducing your car’s performance. If you have a look underneath your hood, you can locate the air filters, remove them, and replace them with new ones.

If you are unsure how to replace air filters on your vehicle, you should consult your owner’s manual.

Making sure you have enough oil and water in your car

Oil and water levels should be checked regularly to ensure your car runs smoothly and reduce breakdown chances.

You should only change the oil on your vehicle if you know car repairs. A suitable jack for jacking the vehicle stands or ramps, knowing how to do so, and disposing of the old oil are all necessary.

Due to these reasons, oil replacement should only be attempted by experienced mechanics.

Washers and wipers: how to maintain them

You can keep your car clean and safe to drive by removing dirt and debris from your windscreen wipers regularly, as well as regularly topping up your windscreen washer fluid.

If your windscreen is dry, try avoiding using your wipers.

Ensure your windscreen wipers are in working order before you take your car to the mechanic, as these are often added repairs recommended.

Putting the handbrake through its paces

Make sure you have your foot ready to brake if there is a problem with the handbrake. Find a steep hill and turn on the handbrake.

Choose a street with minimal traffic and pedestrians so that you can do this safely.

A licensed mechanic should always handle more advanced repairs and maintenance.

You put your life, as well as the lives of others, at risk when you alter brakes, steering, or suspension incorrectly.

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t service your car yourself just because you know how to do it.

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