About Us

    About Us

    FastLinkCarRemoval has been in the spotlight among car sellers for over 12 years, and its extensive experience in the industry has made it an ultimate choice. The core objectives of our work strategies are the commitment to deliver safe car removal Sydney and adhere to non-toxic dismantling practices.

    Over the past 12 years, we have served more than 30,000+ customers and provided them with a platform that ensures the swift transformation of damaged and junk cars into cash.

    Support our esteemed mission of preserving natural resources from depletion & protecting the environment from harm.

    About Us

    Hassle-Free Car Removal Process In 3 Simple Steps

    There are no fancy processes involved. We promise. Ours is an incredibly simple, no-fuss 3-step process:

    Our Recent Purchases

    2013 Ford Focus Ambiente

    2013 Ford Focus Ambiente

    Location: Parramatta, Sydney, NSW

    Mileage: 102,500 Km

    Type: Hatchback

    Amount Paid: $4,100

    Despite its high mileage, this car was kept in good condition, with only routine servicing needed. We immediately purchased it from the owner for a fair price.

    2012 Honda Civic VTi

    2012 Honda Civic VTi

    Location: Bondi, Sydney, NSW

    Mileage: 86,000 Km

    Type: Sedan

    Amount Paid: $4,900

    This sedan experienced consistent maintenance but showed signs of wear from daily use. It offered a reliable option for our inventory despite minor cosmetic issues.

    2014 Toyota Yaris YR

    2014 Toyota Yaris YR

    Location: Chatswood, Sydney, NSW

    Mileage: 76,300 Km

    Type: Hatchback

    Amount Paid: $7,000

    The car was well-maintained, with a full service history available. We offered the hatchback owner an ideal deal which reflected its true price.

    2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i

    2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i

    Location: Manly, Sydney, NSW

    Mileage: 133,000 Km

    Type: Wagon

    Amount Paid: $6,200

    A reliable family vehicle with space and comfort, showing minor signs of use but no significant mechanical issues. A great addition for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Our Customer Reviews


    Fast Link Car Removal exceeded my expectations when they offered a great price for my old Toyota. Their car removal service was impeccable!


    I was a bit sceptical about selling my Ford, but they made it completely effortless. I’m delighted by their professionalism and friendly services.


    Fast Link Car Removal lived up to its name. The car pickup process was unbelievably quick and hassle free. I sold my car within 2 hours of my request.


    Car removal with them was so easy. They offered me a fair price for my old Honda, and I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of it all.

    Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Car Removal Service

    Car selling involves challenges that may result in low cash for car offers. The importance of finding the right car removal service in the matter can not go in vain as it plays a pivotal role in your car-selling journey. However, signing up for the services must be backed by a pool of research to maintain transparency in the process. Many other factors must be considered before trusting your car buyer, as they can massively impact your vehicle’s resale value.

    Listing down some of the most common mistakes one must avoid when choosing a car removal service:

    • Lack of research about the company’s reliability and reputation.
    • Overlooking or avoiding the importance of licensing & certifications.
    • Ignoring the vehicle dismantling & disposal practices of the company.
    • Not investigating any hidden or additional service charges.
    • Disregarding the importance of good customer support service.

    Avoid these mistakes to get the best car removal experience, and remember to compare quotes before locking any deal!

    Why Choose Us?

    When your car keeps giving up on you frequently, you must make an urgent decision about which cash for used cars business should you call for help?
    As a reliable car wrecker in Sydney, we list some prominent benefits that attract car sellers to avail of our services.

    Convenience & Ease Of Service

    Ditch the hassle of car-selling with our streamlined car removal services in Sydney. We provide you with the most convenient car-selling that doesn’t require a plethora of your time, energy and investment.

    Instant Cash & Fair Compensation

    Get your hands on the most accurate cash offers in Sydney. We assure you that we provide you with deals that are framed with precise accuracy and under the supervision of market experts and auto appraisers.

    Free Towing & Removal

    Refrain from sinking your investments into expensive towing charges. Our car removals are free of cost, no matter where you reside in Sydney. With our high-grade equipment, get your cars moving safely without paying a dollar.

    Eco-Friendly Disposal Practices

    Our car wrecking and disposal practices ensure the environment’s safety and pay you fair cash. We aim to reduce waste in landfills while preserving the sustainability of natural resources.

    Legal Compliance & Paperwork Support

    Our qualified team handles the legal aspects of the transaction and the entire paperwork process. With endless documentation support, you won’t have to invest more energy and time into the process.

    Reliability & Trustworthiness

    With government bodies’ approved certifications and licences, we operate as a credible car removal company in Sydney. Trust our services, which guarantee fair cash and are integrated with honesty and fairness.

    Schedule Your Car Removal Sydney Without Worries

    Fast 8 Minute Response Time

    Fast 8 Minute Response Time

    We have streamlined an efficient car buying process with an impressive 8 minute average response time, making sure you never have to wait. When you choose us, you are not just choosing any service. You are opting for a seamless used cars Sydney backed by a quick process.

    Sell Your Car Any Make or Model

    We pride ourselves on accepting various vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, and vans. Regardless of the condition, whether old, used, junk, or no longer running, we will take it off your hands.

    We are committed to providing fast and efficient services, offering same-day pickups and hassle-free removal experience. Moreover, we provide top-dollar cash up to $9,999 for any make or model. 

    With 12 years of experience in salvaging cars, we’re your reliable experts in turning unwanted vehicles into valuable cash.

    Our Best Cash for Car Removal Service Includes

    Junk Car Removal

    Do you have a junk car at home or in the office that you want removed quickly? We provide free removal at your doorstep within 24 hours.

    Scrap Car Removal

    We buy and remove scrap cars for cash in Sydney and surrounding areas. We use metal from these vehicles and recycle parts for reuse. Call us today for a free removal.

    Damaged Car Removal

    If your car has a damaged engine or the car alternator is not working anymore, no worries. We offer same-day car removal.

    We Offer Free Car Collection

    Regardless of your vehicle type or condition, we provide free car collection for all of them. Sell your wrecked, old, rusted, or flooded cars with free towing. Fill out the online quote form now.

    Ensure Safety and Efficiency With Our Licensed Drivers

    To offer you an incredibly efficient service offering free car towing in Sydney, we have hired the most trained people for removal. This, therefore, helps ensure the vehicle’s and surrounding property’s safety.

    Call us now and enjoy the best Sydney car removal service.

    Instant Cash For All Car Conditions

    Are you worried about finding a reliable scrap car buyer in Sydney? Fret not, you got us!

    We remove vehicles regardless of the condition and pay instant cash. Come to our junkyard and explore the different condition of vehicles we buy.

    • Old Cars
    • Junk Cars
    • Used Cars
    • Scrap Cars
    • Broken Cars
    • Totalled Cars
    • Wrecked Cars
    • Damaged Cars
    • Abandoned Cars
    • Non-Running Cars
    • Accident Damaged Cars

    Find a safe home for your valued vehicles by choosing our remarkable scrap car removal services in one call!

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    Instant Cash For All Car Conditions
    Australian Car Recycling Industry Overview

    Australian Car Recycling Industry Overview

    The Australian car recycling industry is taking a hike and contributing significantly to environmental safety and resource preservation. The amount of waste generated stands at 76 million tonnes, with half of that, around 38.5 million, recycled through generous recycling techniques. For over 12 years in the industry, FastLinkCarRemoval has been engaged in the progressive car recycling campaign through safe wrecking practices.

    Our Contribution To Industry & Customer Insights

    FastLinkCarRemoval has successfully removed and dismantled over 10,000 vehicles in the past year. With this average, we provided the economy with approximately 9000 tonnes of steel, 1500 tonnes of aluminum & 1000 tonnes of copper & other metals. These contributions to the environment through safe practices allow us to engage customers with an average satisfaction rate of 95%. Also, we have ongoing promotion campaigns to highlight the importance of recycling and used car parts. We have seen a drastic rise of about 15% in the demand for used car components compared to the past year.

    Our Contribution To Industry & Customer Insights
    Paving Recycling Ways With NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

    Paving Recycling Ways With NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

    EPA was founded in 2012 to devise strategies to protect and conserve the environment and resource management through recycling. The investment of over $1100 million on over 3500 projects is mainly aimed at accommodating better recycling solutions and promoting waste management.

    FastLinkCarRemoval has adhered to the policies framed by the EPA regarding vehicle dismantling and recycling. To reduce the harmful impacts of mining, resulting in the production of around 620 mega tonnes of waste, we are playing a role in promoting the importance of used car parts.

    How Are Our Scrap Yards Different From Others?

    FastLinkCarRemoval has colossal scrap yards that allow it to store an extensive range of auto inventory and recycle vehicles to extract quality components.
    Our auto disposal facilitation centers are regulated and led by a team of experts. These professionals are trained to handle cars of all kinds, ensuring a smooth car wrecking process that prioritises eco-safety and human health.

    Listing some of the tools that we believe make our scrap yards better than others:

    1. High-powered shredders to break down cars and other metal components.
    2. Top Quality Shears & Barrels to process large metal parts and compress shredded metal.
    3. Automated sorting system that uses sensors to separate different types of metals.
    4. Advanced testing tools such as XRF devices to test and analyze metal composition and quality.
    Visit Our Scrap Yard!
    Cash For Cars

    Our Success Story

    FastLinkCarRemoval is a reputable car removal service that has been operating in Sydney for the past many years. We moved forward with a concrete mission to support the recycling policies made by the Government of NSW and promote the use of second-hand car parts.

    Our top-notch process made car selling easier, allowing customers, even those with the least experience, to get the best offers in town. Our esteemed customer family not only grew in number, but we also ensured their needs were met timely and efficiently.

    Let’s take a look at a brief successful journey we have walked so far:

    • From 1 Junkyard to 3 Massive Scrap yards in Sydney
    • From 2 Towing Trucks to 9 Advanced Auto Hauling Vehicles
    • From 11 Team Members to 47 Qualified and Trained Individuals

    We are proud to serve thousands of customers every year, resulting in a guaranteed 95% customer satisfaction rate. With a strong commitment to service the community, we are always progressing to bring more innovation and improvement into our car removal Sydney process.

    Our Vision

    Auto-Recycling-A Step Toward Future Sustainability

    We are moving forward with a vision to promote recycling practices through our services and contribute to the economy. According to the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, over 95% of cars can be recycled, so we aim to deal with vehicles in ways that ensure the extraction of maximum benefits.

    We Aim. We Achieve.

    We Help You Save Cost While Earning Big

    Our customers are not just a part of our process; they are the heart of it. We strive to provide them with the best experience, not only by getting them top offers but also by helping them save costs that would otherwise be spent on other car-selling methods.

    All our services are FREE of any charges, so you can save big while selling us your valued vehicle. All the costs that can be saved when choosing us as your car-selling partner are:

    • Advertising- There is no need to market the sale with us.
    • Pre-Sale Car Inspection- Our car evaluation process is convenient and free of charge.
    • Repairs & Maintenance- We accept all unrepairable cars, so you don’t need to invest in fixing any damage.
    • Documentation- You can save paperwork charges as we cater to the entire process on your behalf.
    • Car Removal- Save time finding expensive car towing facilities because we provide car removal Sydney-wide for free.
    Ready to Save?
    We Help You Save Cost While Earning Big

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have to change the timing for the car removal. Is it possible?

    Yes, we can change the car removal schedule if you have an emergency situation. But we need to know in advance about the change to avoid inconvenience.

    Do you buy cars with broken bodies or missing parts?

    Yes. We buy all types of car conditions, including those with missing components like windshields, transmission, suspension parts, or a damaged body. Just let us know what’s missing, and we will provide a quote based on your given details.

    Can you remove my car today?

    Yes, we provide urgent car removal in Sydney. All you have to do is let us know about your vehicle’s condition, make, and model. We will get back to you immediately.

    How do I scrap my car in NSW?

    If you’re considering scrapping your car in New South Wales, start by selecting a reputable car removal service like Top Cash for Cars Sydney. Before scrapping, remove personal items and gather essential documents such as your driver’s license, ID, and vehicle title. After disposal, submit a Notice of Disposal online at service.nsw.gov.au or at an NSW Service Centre. Always ensure compliance with relevant laws requiring proper disposal rights before scrapping a car.

    How much do you get for scrapping a car in Sydney?

    The price you can get for scrapping a car in Sydney, Australia varies depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. According to several sources, smaller cars can fetch between $200 to $300, sedans between $250 to $400, and heavier vehicles such as vans and trucks can bring in between $450 to $600.