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How Much Does Carsales Cost?

How Much Does Carsales Cost?

Carsales offers multiple ad packages for sellers, starting from free basic ads and scaling up to higher-tier packages based on the listed car’s value, with costs varying accordingly.

Carsales vs Carsguide

Are you navigating the complex landscape of car buying and selling in Australia? Whether you’re on the lookout for a new ride or eager to part ways with your current wheels, the online market offers a multitude of options. 

But in the sea of websites and platforms, which ones should you trust? What costs are involved? Allow me to guide you through the intricacies of Carsales and CarsGuide, aiding your quest for the perfect vehicle.

The Quest for a New Car: Online Outlets


Carsales is the pinnacle of vehicular transactions, offering a comprehensive search experience. 

This platform allows users to browse new and second-hand cars from across Australia. It caters to both private sellers and dealerships, facilitating communication for negotiations or test drives. 

Besides listings, Carsales provides valuable articles and tools to streamline your car-buying journey.


Similar to Carsales, CarsGuide stands as a versatile platform for Australians seeking their ideal vehicle.

It offers extensive browsing options for both new and second-hand cars. Users can filter results based on various parameters, ensuring a tailored search experience. 

CarsGuide doubles as a trusted car news publication, offering insights and reviews for informed decisions.

Evaluating the Options: A Closer Look

Carsales vs. CarsGuide

Both platforms offer:

  • Diverse Inventory: Access to new and used cars across Australia.
  • Filtering Capabilities: Refine searches based on specific preferences.
  • Contact Options: Direct communication with sellers for negotiations or test drives.

Making the Sale: Where to Trade and Sell Online

Selling Your Car

For those looking to part ways with their vehicles, these platforms provide an avenue:

  • Allows users to list their vehicles for sale with various ad packages catering to different budgets.
  • CarsGuide: Offers both free and premium ad packages for sellers, enhancing exposure for the listed vehicles.

Trading Your Car

If you’re eyeing an upgrade, several websites specialize in trade-ins:

  • OnlineAuto: Facilitates a streamlined process by organizing inspections and offering trade-in valuations online.
  • CarConnect: Helps trade-in cars by coordinating with dealerships, offering multiple valuations for accuracy.

The Cost of Car Transactions Online

Buying and Selling Fees

The expenses associated with buying and selling cars online vary:

  • Selling Fees: Platforms like CarsGuide outline ad packages with varying costs based on the listed car’s value.
  • Trade-in Expenses: Services like OnlineAuto and CarConnect might involve administrative fees or charges outlined during negotiations.

Is Online Car Buying/Selling a Viable Option?

Advantages and Cautions

While online transactions offer convenience, a few considerations are crucial:

  • Research is Key: Ensure thorough research and verification, including inspections and paperwork checks.
  • Beware of Scams: Vigilance against potential scams or fraudulent activities, especially when selling a car online.
  • Trusted Platforms: Reputable websites and businesses mitigate risks, but thorough assessment remains essential.

Conclusion: Navigating the Wheels Online

The online car market in Australia is teeming with options, offering both buyers and sellers a plethora of platforms to engage with. 

Carsales and CarsGuide stand as stalwarts in this landscape, catering to diverse needs and preferences. 

However, caution and meticulousness in transactions remain paramount for a smooth and secure experience.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new set of wheels or bidding farewell to your trusty vehicle, the online realm opens doors to streamlined transactions

Dive into the online car market armed with knowledge and caution, ensuring your journey on wheels is as smooth as can be!