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Our Extensive Network of Towing Partners in Sydney

We take pride in its expansive network of reliable towing partners and companies across Sydney. These trusted collaborators enable us to offer seamless and efficient services for a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their size, condition, or registration status. Some of our esteemed towing partners in Sydney include:

  • Sydney City Towing
  • Eagles Towing Service
  • A1 Towing Sydney
  • All Sydney Tow Truck
  • Mick’s Towing Service

These esteemed partners, along with others in our network, help us maintain our reputation for professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction. When you enter your car details in our valuation form, you can trust that our network of towing experts will provide you with a FREE quote promptly and efficiently.

Persuasive Cash Offers With Old Car Removal Sydney

Persuasive Cash Offers With Old Car Removal Sydney

Do you have an old car lying around that is not roadworthy anymore? And now, it’s occupying valuable space for no reason.

We offer an easy solution to get it off your hands. At Car Removal Sydney, we offer to buy old cars for instant cash up to $9,999.

Our Sydney-wide network of reliable partners allows us to buy big and small, unregistered or unroadworthy, old or new vehicles without any hesitation.

Enter your car details in the valuation form to receive your FREE quote today!

Committed to Compliance and Safety as a Towing Company

We not only offer top-notch car removal services but also prioritize compliance with all regulations to ensure a safe and responsible process. Our dedicated team of drivers goes above and beyond to adhere to the following guidelines and responsibilities set forth by the authorities:

Committed to Compliance and Safety as a Towing Company
  • Our drivers conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, ensuring a respectful and courteous interaction with every customer.
  • We never engage in solicitation or pressure tactics when offering our services. Your decision to work with us is entirely voluntary and without any coercion.
  • All our tow trucks prominently display the required number plates, making it easy for you to identify our vehicles during the removal process.
  • Our drivers carry and display their valid driver’s licenses while operating the towing trucks, providing an additional layer of security and accountability.
  • Both our drivers and trucks are fully insured, ensuring comprehensive coverage in case of any unforeseen circumstances during the removal process.
  • We prioritize the maintenance of our equipment and regularly inspect our trucks to ensure they meet safety standards.
  • Our drivers wear appropriate protective clothing to ensure their safety while carrying out their duties.

For more information, give us a call on 02 9336 7560.

We Purchase All Car Brands

What Happens To My Old Car After You Remove It

As the most professional old car buyer, we remove and dismantle your old car.
Once we remove your old car, it undergoes a meticulous process that benefits both the environment and our customers. Our wrecking team carefully disassembles the vehicle, salvaging the working parts for resale to keep other vehicles on the road and reduce waste. Any scrap metal from your car is expertly recycled.

You might be confused about which brands we buy with so many brands and models out there. But we never make you worry about this. We accept all vehicles whether its for repair or spare parts.

If your old car has a registration or title, we even assist you in completing the necessary paperwork, such as the notice of disposal form.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us.

Why Choose Fast Link Car Removals?

When it’s time to part ways with your vehicle, the process can often be a headache when dealing with private buyers and dealerships. Even traditional junkyards might leave you with an underwhelming deal. At Fast Link Car Removals, our core focus is on making the process as convenient as possible while ensuring you receive top dollar for your vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Fast Link Car Removals, we prioritize customer satisfaction. You’re not just receiving cash but also getting an exceptional level of service. Our team consists of qualified professionals with years of experience, all dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We take all necessary precautions to guarantee your safety, including adhering to social distancing and health guidelines.

Don’t Wait, Act Now

When it comes to your old car, time is of the essence. We all know that the longer you wait, the more its value depreciates. Repair costs rise, and parts become scarce. Selling your car privately can be a hassle, especially if it has few salvageable parts left. However, scrap metal prices are on the rise, and Fast Link Car Removals is here to offer you the best price for your vehicle.

Your Hassle-Free Solution

Selling your car to us is the simplest decision you’ll make. We’re your one-stop destination for car removals. Seize the opportunity in today’s market; reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives at 02 9336 7560 to learn more.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

With us, you won’t need to go out of your way – we come to you at your convenience. We stand by the exact amount quoted, and our car removal service is entirely free of charge. As a local licensed buyer, we’re well-versed in the intricacies of the process, sparing you from unnecessary complications. We’re fully registered with Service NSW, and we’re qualified to handle the cancellation of your car’s registration and number plates.

Please note that in compliance with regulations from the NSW police force since March 1, 2017, we are no longer able to make cash payments for your car. Instead, we provide instant bank transfers, ensuring the funds are available in your account without delay.

Safety and Convenience Guaranteed

With us, you can count on guaranteed safety and convenience. We’ve been serving Sydney and its surrounding areas for over a decade, earning a reputation as one of the city’s most reliable and prompt car removal service providers.

Finding Reliable Old Car Removal Near Me

When it’s time to remove your old, unwanted, or damaged car, finding reliable car removal services near you is crucial. We proudly serve the entire Sydney metropolitan area, ensuring that our services are easily accessible to residents throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs, including:

  • The Hills
  • Sydney West
  • Sydney East
  • Northern Beaches
  • Inner West
  • Sydney CBD
  • Wollongong
  • North Shore
  • Macarthur
  • Great Western Sydney

Our car removal “near me” approach means that no matter where you are located within Sydney and its suburbs, we can quickly respond to your car removal needs. Whether your car is parked in your driveway or located elsewhere, our team will come to you and take care of the removal process.

Avail Old Car Removal Far And Wide In Sydney

Comprehensive Car Removal Services in Sydney

Old Car Removal Sydney

If you have an oldie that’s seen better days and you’re looking to clear your space, our old car removal service in Sydney is the answer. We’ll swiftly remove that aging vehicle, ensuring you have more room for what matters.

Damaged Car Removal Sydney

Accidents happen, and when they do, you can rely on our damaged car removal service in Sydney to efficiently and safely remove your wrecked vehicle. We’ll take care of the removal process, no matter how extensive the damage.

Scrap Car Removal

Ready to part ways with your scrap car? We provide scrap car removal services in Sydney, efficiently removing your vehicle and ensuring the proper handling of its salvageable parts and materials. Say goodbye to that scrap with our hassle-free service.

Free Car Removal Sydney

Don’t worry about transportation logistics. Our free car removal service in Sydney means we come to you, whether your car is in the driveway, garage, or elsewhere. We’ll handle the removal, and you get paid.

Broken Car Removal

No need to wonder if your car qualifies. We specialize in broken car removal, and we’re prepared to remove all types of vehicles, irrespective of their make, model, or condition. Whether it’s a damaged vehicle, an oldie, or simply a car you no longer need, we’re ready to make an offer and swiftly take care of the removal process.

Understanding Car Removal Sydney Costs

When it comes to car removal in Sydney, understanding the associated costs is essential. We aim to provide competitive pricing. Our car removal services are often offered free of charge, meaning you can have your old or damaged vehicle removed without incurring any expenses.

The cost of car removal can vary based on factors such as the location of your vehicle, its condition, and the specific services you require. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to offering you a fair deal and efficient service, ensuring you get the most value from your car removal.

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Understanding Car Removal Sydney Costs

Need Assistance Sending Inquiries? Let Us Guide You!

Sample Customer Inquiry:

From: Enquirer

Location: Randwick

Subject: Requesting a Quote for a 2005 Honda Accord Automatic


I own a 2005 Honda Accord Automatic with some transmission issues. It’s been accurately maintained, has valuable spare parts, and currently holds 3/4 of a tank of fuel. The tires are still in excellent condition. The car is currently at the mechanic’s workshop, so please give us a 20-minute heads-up if you plan to visit. We possess all the necessary documentation, including a blue slip.

Anticipating your prompt response for a quote.

How Can I Remove My Old Car In Sydney

Fast Link Car Removal purchases and removes scores of old vans, trucks, jeeps, cars, SUVs, Caravans and 4WDs from all corners of Sydney. And we never ever charge a dime.

What you have to do is follow the process mentioned below:

Get a FREE quote for your old car

Ring us or fill out our online quote form and provide us with the following details of your oldie:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Year
  • Suburb
  • Make
  • Detailed vehicle description

Based on your given information, we will offer you cash for scrap cars offer for your vehicle.

Book a FREE inspection

Give us a call to book a free evaluation at your home or office. Our team will be at your given address to inspect the condition of the vehicle. Then we will make you a final offer with free scrap car removal.


Accept our cash offer and get paid

If you like our final offer and want to sell your car to us, show us your driver’s license and photo ID. Sign the car title transfer paperwork. And we will pay you the agreed cash on the spot via cheque or EFT up to $9,999.

Finally, get a quick car removal free of cost.

Got An Old Car? No Worries

We have the perfect solution for unwanted vehicles. 

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Our Recent Purchases

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Transform Your Old Vehicle into Cash with Our Convenient Junk Car Removal

You are now ready to part ways with your old car, but perhaps you’re uncertain about its worth in the current market. Worry not! We specialize in junk car removal and offer a free instant valuation online. This valuation is based on key factors such as your car’s condition, age, make, and model. Having these details at hand helps us provide you with a competitive offer.

With the largest scrap yard and a fleet of four tow trucks in Sydney, we can handle the removal of your old car, whether it’s tucked away in your basement or parked in your driveway. Our services extend to all types of vehicles, whether they’re runners or non-runners.

It’s important to note that we’re prepared to pay up to $9,999 in cash at your location, ensuring a hassle-free transaction. 

Contact us today to take advantage of our same-day junk car removal in your area.

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Enjoy Cash For Used Cars Now At Your Doorstep

We Are Old Car Buyers You Can Trust

Getting old cars off your hands in Sydney has become super easy. You request an online quote, and the team comes to you for inspection, pays you cash on the spot via EFT or Osko, and provides free car removal. It can’t become any more straightforward than that!

So, what’s keeping you waiting? Get in touch with us.

Free Old Car Removal That Is Fast And Easy

If you have an old, unwanted car in your garage or a fleet of cars at your business place, it’s time to clear the space and make room for better purposes. Or maybe you are moving to another state. No matter the reason for your wanting to sell the car, we can help!

Our team of professionals will arrive at your location equipped with all the necessary documentation, leaving you with the convenience of simply relaxing as we handle the process.

Once the paperwork is finalized, you can take advantage of our immediate payment of up to $9999, and your vehicle will be promptly removed from your premises. Our reputation as Sydney’s top-rated car removal service is well-earned.

Free Car Old Removal That Is Fast And Easy

2023’s Premier Car Removal Solution in Sydney, NSW

We are one of Sydney’s premier car removal companies. With years of experience, we provide exceptional customer service and top-dollar returns for your vehicles. We handle all your automotive needs, including accidents, junk, old, used, non-working, and unwanted vehicles. You can get a quick quote on our website with zero towing fees. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures safe wrecking and recycling, aligning with environmental guidelines. Choose us for free car removal in New South Wales, regardless of your vehicle’s fuel type.

Dispose Of Your Old Car In The Most Environment Friendly Way

What is the best way to let go of old cars you don’t need? It’s none other than our old car removal offer. We are committed to one mantra: No car should end up in a landfill or dump because that is one of the most horrible things we can do to our environment.

Dispose Of Your Old Car For Cash In The Most Environment Friendly Way

We know that old cars can badly affect the environment by leaking fluids and releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Therefore, we came up with an eco friendly disposal practice for Sydney residents.

With our safe old car removal, we are focused on minimizing the carbon footprint while promoting sustainability. Whether your car has missing wheels or the engine is dead, it has a place at Fast Link Car Removal.

So, choose our services, and we will handle your car removal responsibly. Call now for a free instant quote!

We Remove All Car Conditions From Sydney

As a leading and innovative car removal company in NSW, we deeply appreciate the true value of all types of vehicles. Even if many car buyers might deem your car as seemingly unsellable or worthless, we know how much it matters to you to sell it for the best cash offer. 

Our commitment to being the best car recyclers stems from our appreciation for a vehicle’s auto parts and other valued materials, even if it’s no longer fit to run the road. 

Thus, we usually purchase the following vehicle conditions and more:

  • Wrecked cars
  • Damaged cars
  • Vehicles that are no longer roadworthy
  • Automobiles that have seen better days
  • Junk cars
  • Scrap cars
  • Accident Cars
  • Flooded Cars
  • Fire damaged or hail damaged cars
  • Broken cars


We Remove All Car Conditions From Sydney

Our dedication to sustainability and responsible car removal ensures that we find value where others might not. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted choice for all your car disposal needs in Sydney.

About Fast Link Car Removal

Fast Link Car Removal is your trusted car removal service provider based in Sydney. With a rich history dating back to our establishment in —–, we have been serving the community for over —- years. Our mission is to provide the best solution for scrapping a car in Sydney, NSW, while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

With decades of experience in the industry, we have fine-tuned our services to offer you top-notch value for your vehicle. We specialize in buying thousands of unwanted vehicles annually, and our commitment to eco-friendly practices sets us apart. We follow strict guidelines from the NSW transport authority, ensuring the responsible disposal of unwanted residuals.

When you choose Fast Link Car Removal, you will get the best car scrap prices in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of a car in Australia?

To dispose of a car in Australia, choose a safe car disposal method. The best approach is availing of our old car removal. Meanwhile, you can cancel your car registration and return number plates. Sell your car following state specific disposal procedures and paperwork.

How do I scrap my car in NSW?

To scrap your car in New South Wales, NSW, choose a licensed scrap yard or car wrecker like us, complete a Notice of Disposal with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and finally, we will arrange free car towing whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not. Just call us for an initial quote.

Where can I sell my car for the most money?

If you are looking to sell your car for the most money, choose Fast Link Car Removal. We provide cash for cars, trucks, utes, 4x4s, SUVs, sedans, and coupes up to $9,999. All you have to do is fill out our online quote form on the website.

Who gives the highest amount for your car?

Fast Link Car Removal offers the best cash for all types of vehicles within a day. We offer competitive rates through our extensive nationwide network of clients. Contact us today to schedule your old car removal regardless of its make, model and condition.

Where is the easiest place to sell a car?

Fast Link Car Removal is the easiest place to sell a car. There is no denying that private car sales require a lot of investment of your time and energy. But we make the car removal process completely hassle free. No wait. No scams. No hidden fees.

What do you do with a car at the end of its life?

At the end of a car’s life, you should consider recycling or selling it to an old car removal company. You can also first cancel its registration with your local transport authority. If you choose us, we will properly dispose of any hazardous materials and follow local disposal regulations.

What do I need to sell a car in NSW?

Before getting an old car picked up, remove personal items and keep important documents handy, such as your ID, driver’s license, and car title. After car disposal, submit a Notice of Disposal at a NSW Service Centre or online at

How do I sell an unregistered car in NSW?

To sell an unregistered car in NSW for cash, contact a licensed old car removal company such as us and provide details about your car. We will offer an instant quote based on your car’s condition.

If you like our offer, arrange a convenient pickup time, and we will tow your car away safely. Ensure you complete a Notice of Disposal with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to transfer ownership and cancel the registration.

How much do you get for scrapping a car in Sydney?

Fast Link Car Removal offers competitive cash payouts based on your car’s make, model, and condition, with values reaching up to $9,999.

How to sell a car with broken transmission or engine failure?

Fast Link Car Removal specializes in buying cars with transmission or engine issues, providing a convenient and hassle-free process.

Selling a vehicle that has been in an accident, how much do you pay for that?

Fast Link Car Removal offers fair cash offers for accident-damaged vehicles, ensuring you get the best value for your car’s salvageable parts.

What to do before selling a car to wreckers?

Prepare your car by removing personal belongings, canceling the registration, and having the necessary paperwork ready for a smooth transaction with Fast Link Car Removal.

How much is my car worth in Sydney, NSW?

Fast Link Car Removal assesses your car’s value based on factors like its age, condition, and make, offering competitive prices tailored to Sydney’s market.

How to test the parts at Car Scrap yards before buying them?

Visit Fast Link Car Removal’s scrap yard to inspect and test car parts firsthand, ensuring quality and compatibility before purchase.