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Car Modifications That Won’t Reduce Your Resale Value

Modified Cars Resale Value Car Mods Won't Reduce Resale Value

While some modifications might enhance a car’s appeal to certain buyers, most aftermarket modifications could potentially lower its resale value.

How to modify a car without reducing its resale value

Don’t modify your car without thinking twice

Many people take pride in their cars. It’s only natural since cars are an everyday necessity, which makes it imperative to have something comfortable, reliable, and stylish.

Some owners of vehicles feel compelled to make their pride and joy that little bit more unique or special.

In many cases, people who invest thousands of dollars in car modifications are surprised to find that their car’s resale value is far less than they expected.

Nonetheless, it’s worth keeping in mind that modifications can sometimes increase the value of a car significantly. Some companies make incredible cars based on this technique and modify them way beyond what the manufacturer intended.

A modification narrows your potential buyer’s pool when it comes to selling your car. The greater the customization, the narrower your market.

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Subjective Modifications

Modifications made to your Subaru Impreza may be for your benefit – you spent $5,000 installing a turbo since it didn’t come with one as standard.

There’s no doubt that it’s a lot faster now! It’s also worth much less since it’s no longer standard – many things have been changed within it that affect the car in many ways.

It will raise questions about the car’s mechanical integrity when it’s time to sell since you added a part that wasn’t designed to be on the car (Impreza fans may argue that point, but it’s just an example).

It’s dangerous? Will it last? Has the car been destroyed? To put it simply, when you modify a car, you narrow your target market when you try to sell it. The more significant the modifications, the narrower your market.

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Vehicle modifications that will decrease the value of your vehicle

Some mods are more obvious than others when it comes to reducing a car’s value, in some cases quite significantly. If you become a hobbyist who loves to modify your car, go ahead with caution.

A car’s value can be reduced by the following modifications:

  • Turbochargers and superchargers aftermarket
  • An NOS is a system for emitting nitrogen oxides
  • Adaptation of suspensions
  • Painting/wrapping custom vehicles
  • Kits for bodies
  • Upgrading your race
  • Exhaust noise
  • Modifications made illegally

We appreciate the personal touch added to a car, and modified cars can look great when done properly with a bit of class and style.

No matter how well done, powerful, or stunning a heavily modified car may be, not many people are willing to spend tens if not hundreds of thousands on it.

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How to modify your car without reducing its value

Now that the more brash, over-the-top modifications are out of the way, you can move on to the more subtle, tasteful improvements that won’t reduce but won’t improve the value of your car.

It’s important to note that these statements should be taken with a grain of salt (and we cannot be held responsible for any losses caused by these mods).

There is no need to worry about these suggestions since they are generally a safe bet.

A car’s value can be increased by the following modifications:

  • Lighting systems that include Xenons, LEDs, or lasers
  • System of sounds
  • Wheels made from alloy
  • Seats made of leather
  • Breaking up
  • The painting process
  • Tints for windows
  • Wheels and tires

When possible, buy parts designed specifically for your vehicle’s model from the vehicle’s manufacturer.

For the best results and the least amount of risk, it is imperative to have any work done by skilled professionals. Stock factory condition cars are almost always worth more than those with aftermarket features.

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Headlights with Xenon, LEDs, and lasers

Your visibility on the roads will increase and fog will be cut through more effectively with these extra-bright, often blue-colored headlights.

Furthermore, they make you more visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, not only because they give you a wider peripheral vision.

Several cars in the previous generation were not equipped with extra bright headlights, so upgrading them would be beneficial.

This comparison will help you decide which is best for you. They also look pretty cool and can be fitted by anyone. Learn more about car maintenance in How Do You Wash a Car That Has Been Sitting for Years?

System of sounds

We don’t recommend adding extra speakers or subwoofers to your car; these will impact its value negatively.

Upgrade your car’s standard speakers – hidden in the door panels or under the dash (usually) – if you want better sound quality. They are not likely to have an impact on the resale value of the car, since they are hidden.

The value can also be enhanced by upgrading the main head unit (the one with twisty knobs and buttons to control the radio).

Make sure you buy a high-quality stereo that specifically fits your car, not some cheap aftermarket stereo with a DVD player.

To ensure your vehicle’s value is maintained, it’s advisable to choose a head unit made by the manufacturer. However, if you don’t install anything outrageous or dispel it badly, it should be fine. Make sure this is done by a professional. Also, consider Comparing Car Removal Services in Sydney for insights into choosing quality services.

Wheels made of alloy

To enhance the look of your car, we recommend buying alloy wheels made by the manufacturer if your car doesn’t come with them as standard.

When choosing alloy wheels, make sure you keep the originals, so you can swap them back when selling your car. If you have to put oversized wheels on your car with low-profile tires, make sure you keep the originals, so you can swap them back when you sell the car later.

It is recommended that you have your second-hand wheels refurbished so they look as good as new if you decide to purchase them. For more tips, read Economic Benefits of Car Removal Services in Sydney.

Seats with leather

Leather seats are considered a luxury feature despite some arguing they’re a bad idea in Australian heat.

A full set of new seats might be a good way to go if your car needs that extra luxury touch – it might even add a little more value to your car. Most cars don’t have leather seats, and most shouldn’t be fitted with them.

All seats must be replaced, not just the driver’s seat or the front seats.

Don’t hesitate to opt for a standard upholstered seat rather than a leather seat if the seats are in good condition. Explore Can You Sell a Car Without a Roadworthy Certificate? to understand the essentials of car selling.

Indefinite suspension

Utes and four-wheel drive vehicles with upgraded suspensions can often increase their resale value. That being said, modified four-wheel drives probably have a history, which causes questions about their past lives.

Be sure to buy high-quality, brand-new parts for your off-road vehicle and have them fitted by a professional mechanic if you intend to modify it. You wouldn’t want a shock absorber to fail on a beach 30 kilometers from civilization.

It’s not usually a good idea to change the suspension on a car. For the right buyer, suspension mods will be welcome, but for most, it’s not.

As a result of perceived ‘tinkering’ with integral parts, buyers usually do not feel good about the purchase. Choosing a suspension kit that is not modified is a much better option. For related advice, see How Much Does Carsales Cost?.


If you want your car to sell for anywhere near its market value, painting it can be a very bad idea.

Painting, however, shouldn’t affect the value if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Don’t try to paint your car yourself; only have a professional do it!

Go ahead and have the car painted if you are refurbishing the bodywork or fixing blemishes.

Paint your car yourself, but beware that it’s expensive, time-consuming, and won’t increase its value.

While wrapping a car looks great – and it usually does – the question is how much will it cost to remove when it only lasts a few years (3-5 usually).

Will it fade and peel after a few months? What are the bodywork conditions below?

For insights into maintaining your car’s appearance, consider reading How Much to Replace Timing Belt? to understand the importance of timely maintenance.

Tinting windows

Keeping out the extreme heat as well as blocking out the blinding sun are two reasons why Australia is so fond of tinted windows.

You may not be able to receive the full value of your car if you do this modification incorrectly. However, it may be more difficult to get a full sale price if you do it wrong.

You do not want to be driving at night in a dangerously dark environment, so have it done by a professional and ensure the tint is legal (a professional will advise you about this and shouldn’t be willing to go any further).

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